What’s it like to talk animals

While most of their cases concern dogs, cats or larger mammals, the communicators say they can speak to almost any member of the animal kingdom. Shraddha Bochgiri, a 36-year-old Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer from Pune, says that one of her first independent telepathic conversations was with a lizard.”It had entered our house, and my aunt —who is mortally scared of reptiles —lost it! While the others wanted to kill it, I asked them to give me 10 minutes and keep all doors open. I told the lizard, ‘this is not the place for you, and you should leave, or they will kill you.’ We Struck a compromise — it could stay in my room. It stayed there for two days,” recounts Shraddha. Both she and Manjiri have also convinced bees from building their hives in people’s homes!

She says, in essence, the telepathic conversation can be sought with the tiniest animal and even trees. “The ants, bees, and wasps have a collective Conscience while reptiles like snakes and lizards think independently,” she says.

“It’s not a superpower! All of us are born with the quality of being able to convey our thoughts and feelings without the usage of our usual five senses,” explains 40-year-old Manjiri Lately from Pune, who has been in this field for the past ten years. Today, she holds workshops and training sessions for those who seek to establish such Interactions with their pets or animals in general. “It is just the process of honing and fine-tuning to other beings around us,” she continues.

“It is just like a telephone call, you know,” she explains, adding, “Only here, you experience it through sounds, smells, and visuals. The animal need not be present in physical form in front of you to be able to respond to your questions.

“Manjiri gets various requesting from pet owners, running from ‘for what reason isn’t my pet eating?’, to individuals looking for her assistance in discovering lost pets. Nonetheless, she says, “It isn’t only the people who look for correspondence with creatures yet, also, the other route round. Some distressed animals —irrespective of their size or breed — reach out to us. Sometimes, it is to let humans know that they are feeling neglected, and at other times, the pampered pets are upset over not being fed their favorite treats”.

Reshma agrees, “I think I get contacted more than I reach. Like, one of my neighbor’s Cocker Spaniel complained to me the other day about not getting his favorite treat. Similarly, a cat in Agra refused to return to her home because her parents tried to control her, and she didn’t want to be restricted.

“Still, the communicators insist they aren’t ‘animal whisperers.’ Bengaluru couple Subhadra Cherukuri and Mark Anthony, who run a space called Wag-Ville in the city, say, “Animal Whisperer is an extremely colloquial term that is used to describe the kind of work we do. We are trained to deal with animals and cater to their needs, not just physically but mentally as well.”

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