Top 6 Essential Graphic Design Software for Beginners

You can now use free graphic design software

1. Canva

When creating a party invitation card or rushing a ticket for a networking activity, switch to Canva, and you’re not going to be disappointed. Its minimalist interface, combined with the features of drag-and-drop makes graphic design a breeze. You can use and create your own a ton of templates so that you can create products in no moment.

2. LunaPic

An Adobe Photoshop subscription may set you back $9.99 a month. If for a full-year subscription you don’t have $120 lying around, there’s always LunaPic. LunaPic includes most of the features you need to edit pictures and generate graphics. It also feels and has the same interface as Photoshop. Best of all, it’s free of charge.

3. Inkscape

It is possible to scale vector graphics to any size without worrying about pixelation. That’s why Adobe Illustrator is the app of choice when producing digital illustrations that can reuse. You can get Inkscape if you’re bound for money but want to demonstrate it. The enthusiastic digital artist’s community of Inkscape will also keep you busy while you’re learning.


Amateurs of Photoshop perspective GIMP as a hobbled alternative to the photo editor of Adobe. However, their project remains tweaked by the open-source community behind the software.GIMP now contains nearly all the capacities of Photoshop, except for layers of adjustment and sophisticated text formatting. GIMP is a high starting point for newbies to learn how to edit photographs and then switch to Photoshop if they want to work professionally on digital images.

5. Blender

Project videos for digital businesses will contain 80% of Internet content by 2020. It will be an extremely marketable ability to create 3D pictures. Download Blender when you need a 3D graphics program. Blender includes all the characteristics you need for 3D photos and videos to begin building.

6. Pixlr

Pixlr is another internet photo editor applicant. It has almost the same features as most photo editors, so there are not many newbies going to miss. Beginners can also attempt Pixlr Express to manipulate the picture simpler and faster.

7. Krita

Krita is a digital illustrator software. It comes with nine styles of brush, such as ballpoint pen, brush fill, and soft brush blended. Krita can serve as your illustration program if you are working with a graphic tablet.

8. Paint.NET

Paint. NET is both Photoshop and GIMP’s worthy competitor. The program provides an intuitive and tidy interface. Without the confusion associated with a traditional photo editor, it allows beginners to design graphics from the get-go. Many pictures for graphic designers in portfolio pages come from Paint. NET.

9. Gravit

Gravit is a cloud-based free and open-source graphic design software. It operates on your browser, much like Canva. Without straining the wallet, the app includes all the fundamental instruments a budding designer requires. However, Gravit also provides power users with complicated tools and indigenous applications.

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