The Best New Pinterest Marketing Strategies Working Today

One of the most powerful and effective social media channels you can be on today is Pinterest. It also happens to be the channel that drives some of the most curiosity.

We’re often asked:

How are brands and businesses succeeding on Pinterest today?

And how can you follow their playbooks to make waves yourself?

We were eager to get to the bottom of the Pinterest strategies that are working today, so we’ve done the research and added our findings here.

We go deep on all things Pinterest marketing in this blog post. Join us as we explain the latest strategies, best content tips, and newest distribution tactics to help you get results on Pinterest and drive more engagement and clicks.

There are lots of people getting amazing results on Pinterest. We want you to be among them!What makes Pinterest marketing so great

Did you know: Pinterest is the top social network for product discovery?

Did you know: More than half of Pinterest users have accessed Pinterest in a store while they’re shopping?

There might be a reason why these stats sound a bit new. Pinterest seems to fly under-the-radar when it comes to social media chatter. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter steal headlines. Meanwhile, Pinterest keeps chugging away … 270 million active users, 280 million, 290 million …

One of the questions we get asked most often is what strategies are working on Pinterest?

Or, put another way …

I’ve heard Pinterest is great. But I don’t understand how!

We were curious ourselves to find out the specific strategies that drive engagement and ROI on Pinterest. We want to put them to use for our Buffer Pinterest profiles and to share them with you so you can do great things on Pinterest.

First, let’s set the scene by talking about one of the biggest topics on Pinterest: demographics.

Yes, it’s true that Pinterest’s demographics are uniquely weighted in comparison with other social networks. We ran through social media stats and facts in episode number 150 of the podcast. Here’s what we shared about Pinterest …

In the U.S.41% of women who are online use Pinterest. Meanwhile16% of online men use Pinterest

And in terms of age breakdown, the majority of Pinterest users fall between 18

So while the specific demographics skew female and a bit older than other social networks, there’s another lens that’s worth taking a look through.

Pinterest is the number one platform for product discovery.

If you sell a product, Pinterest is a place for you.

This is due to a number of factors. Pinterest, along with Instagram, is an incredible visual marketing platform, and products lend themselves well to visuals. Pinterest has e-commerce tools built into the platform, too, for shopping and learning more about products.

And Pinterest is incredibly well indexed for search both in the Pinterest app and on Google.

So with this background and encouragement in mind … we have some tips from some of the top marketers and direct-to-consumer brands on Pinterest that you can apply to your Pinterest strategy today.

The 7 best Pinterest tips and strategies that are working today1. Make a 6- to 15-second video.

Brands have been posting video to Pinterest for a couple years now, so we’ve had the chance to see the trends and pull the data. According to Pinterest, the best videos are the shortest ones. The sweet spot is 6- to 15-second videos.

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