Is the Razer phone worth purchasing?

The Razer Phone 2 is no doubt an excellent phone, but the cost spectrum does not justify some of its shortcomings. As mentioned previously, a generation behind the contemporary cameras is the camera mechanism on the Razer Phone 2.

The display also feels aged to the traditional 16:9 proportion as opposed to adjusting to the recent developments. Neither is there a headphone jack that seems a little awkward given it is a gaming unit. The Razer Phone 2 does have a premium layout, however, when it glows, the Razer logo appears incredible, and the output is merely exceptional. It’s not upgraded to Android pie yet, but the update will be verified shortly.

The Razer Phone 2 comes with Dolby Atmos audio speakers (THX-certified amplifiers) on the speaker front. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful displays on any computer offering rich bass and treble with a balanced sound. The Razer Phone 2 beats them without much effort compared to phones like Note 9, iPhone XS, etc. Unlike Note 9, however, there is no headphone jack. The sound is punchy and makes the media usage choice more pleasant than ever before.

Camera efficiency on the Razer Phone 2 has been enhanced over the first generation, but the quality is still lagging behind flagship-grade. Yeah, the pictures have excellent information, colors, and dynamic range, but the general image quality is still not on par with other $800 smartphones. Portrait pictures are not fantastic, either with average edge identification and artificial blur. Nighttime shots aren’t a good story either because the capture of images contains noise and your hands aren’t reliable. The picture turns out to be blurry.

The front 8-megapixel sensor gets excellent pictures during the day but suffers in reduced light circumstances, but the front-facing photo mode operates slightly; much stronger than the back camera.

There is also a devoted micro SD card slot, and on any smartphone, the device has the highest sound scheme accessible. It is also water-resistant, promotes wireless charging, and comes with a Vapor chamber refrigeration scheme to keep the plot fresh while playing.

Yes, if you’re a gamer!

Let’s play Mobile Legend and AOV!

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