How to create Gmail account in easy steps

  • Go to this Google Account creation page link.
  • Please enter your first name and last name in the respective fields. Now it will ask you to type username, but if you see below, you can use the option name as “Use my current email address instead” it means that if you have any other email account on any other platform, such as yahoo, outlook, etc.
    You can use it to create it with a Gmail account. But if you don’t have or don’t want to use any other email account. You can generate a fresh one here with Gmail. How cool this is correct ;).You can also use letters, numbers, and periods while creating a username.
    But, for example in the case, if your username already exists and is taken by any other individual. It will show Error “already exists.”
  • Now it’s time to generate a password. But make sure you try to note it down somewhere while creating it, but if you don’t then don’t worry about it, Google will give you too many choices to retrieve it. Let’s see how by pressing the next button.
  • Here you are going to ask for a phone number with country code, so you can pick your country and type your phone number without using the country code in front of you because you’ve selected the country.
  • If you see below its offer for “recovery email address.” You can add any email address here except the email you just created in the earlier step.

    What is the importance of the above fields where it says its choice? Let me tell you how important it is because in the future if you forgot your password, Google will ask for your recovery email address or phone number to send the code that will help you recover your account very quickly.
  • In the next step, it merely asks for your birthday where the day you were born needs to fill in the day field, in the month field needs to fill the month you were born, and in the last year, it asks for the year you were born.
  • Now it’s just asking to pick your gender as male, female, etc.
  • Finally, after filling in the above information, we are in the final phase asking for acknowledgment. It means you agree with Google’s terms and conditions. Just click accept it. Wow, you did it, that’s it.
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