How did you begin your career as a blogger?

So here’s my reply: How did I begin blogging?

In my career until 2014, I have never heard of this “magazines or blogging” group. I didn’t understand that individuals truly earned by posting blogs, pipe videos. So how did I get to this sphere??

It was at the end of my two years that I wished to create cash online. I was looking for a lot of employment (home-based).

I discovered it exciting because it proved that I was going to be compensated with a reasonable sum that I would be enough for my other stuff of studying and shopping, so without any hesitation, I went with it. I was too pleased that I lastly discovered something worthy without knowing the reality behind it.

I filled out all the information for the job, and only at the end of the confirmation, they requested me to receive an amount of 3000 to 5000 (it differed from sites). I was shocked, literally shocked .their websites read-free data entry no transfers from your side.Idiots, Not all data entry positions are wrong. I might not have found the right one.

Then again I searched for something else, landed on Freelancer. I registered there giving me some details about the things I was interested in.. I bid all jobs related to my knowledge. Again failure. I didn’t even get a single answer. I was felt strong at core. But the hope was still not lost. I kept bidding.

Side by side, I also checked out a few others and landed on another website again (I guess I read nearly all the websites/blogs that had the keyword “earn online,” when you can earn online” etc. That’s when I discovered out about the click sense that paid for watching their ads and some surveys. This really appealed to me, and I also gained some sum there($11). After that, I got a little tired and stopped that.

All the above items lasted more than a year, and yet I was not satisfied. I was really keen but discovered nothing that I was genuinely wanted. All those one years, I never found any term that referred to blogging or blogging.

The shift took place on September 2014.

I was looking for:” how to remove your computer does not run genuine windows “from my system (this didn’t actually allow me to keep a background image).

From then on, I began reading all the stuff(was really helpful) on that website. Later run, I became a partner with the founder of the blog. I was delighted when he said he was even from Chennai. It was he who really educated me concerning blogging and how individuals really win through it. But I didn’t understand what I was supposed to write about.

It took another 6–7 months to settle on my point. I began with a blog on the recipe (although I had no idea about cooking). It was a blog failure. But I learned a lot from that. The other error I made was that I started my blog on WordPress(I felt).

That’s how my blogging trip began, and I look forward to continuing this indefinitely. Blogging is amazing. Thank you for requesting the question and Happier Blogging.: ):)

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