Chanel West Coast says she loves eating pizza & burgers: ‘ Whatever I want ‘

Chanel West Coast has a beautiful figure, and she has no fear of flaunting it. Also, she is not scared to consume one or two burgers.

Chanel West Coast, 30 years old, is not a dietary fan. The host of Ridiculousness spoke to Hollywood Life at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards held on June 15 and opened up how she remains in top form and still eats whatever she likes.”It’s essential to work out! I mean a lot of individuals like to get started on adorable diets, but the reality is that you can eat anything you want as long as you work out regularly. I’m trying to eat healthily, but I still enjoy a big pizza on my own since I work out! But you can have those in & out burgers and all those stuff as long as you’re working out, “she informed us EXCLUSIVE.

Chanel disclosed when questioned what workout she believes is best about aerobic practice. “I wouldn’t say any workout is bad or I hate it, but you’re focusing on your cardio for women, because if you’re doing too many weights and you’re a woman you’re going to bulk up a lot,” she said. Taking into account all the sexy selfies that Chanel shares on her Instagram page, it’s challenging to think that she could ever find a fault. But she had earlier told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVE that she is no longer wearing low-rise jeans because they are not working with her sort of body. “It’s all to find the right clothes that flatter your body because I wasn’t as conscious in the past. That was the worst thing ever for me when low-rise jeans were in, “she confessed, adding that high-rise jeans are her go-to, because” I have high hips.

For her new song “Sharon Stoned,” Chanel lately released a music video and there’s plenty of high-waisted looks. The video is a tribute to the iconic role Sharon Stone plays in Basic Instinct. Chanel replicated some of the most memorable looks of Sharon from the classic 90’s movie for the music video, and she nailed them completely.

Next for Chanel is a country-flavored song, but don’t worry, her upcoming “Old Fashioned” song won’t go too far from her origins. “It’s still a hip hop song,” Chanel EXCLUSIVELY said to HollywoodLife during the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards walking the red carpet.”I felt like I was on the West Coast of Chanel and wanted to make it Chanel Wild West Coast! So that’s why I’ve done the wild west thing all west!”

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