Beloved NYC Beauty Store May Not Be Long For This Cold World

Democrats are still wrestling with an unpleasant issue as to how the main race in the early phases is shaping up. We’re in both the recent “Women’s Year” and the #MeToo era, right? So why are two old white dudes still outperforming all the skilled females running?

Lately, Elizabeth Warren has shown some momentum and Kamala Harris has managed to stay at least above the point of background noise, but Biden and Sanders remain the clear leaders on a domestic level so far.

How are we going to clarify this? Well, the solution should be evident, at least according to some latest reports at the Daily Beast. A lot of sexists are the Democratic primary voters around the nation.

Halloween wasn’t a large segment in the retail globe when I opened my first shop. But we saw Halloween as an chance to grow our brand, so we began catering for the holiday a few years ago, around 1991. In my opinion, Halloween was a spin off of Gay Pride day, which I had felt was a stronger influence in New York City back then.

Over the years, it has become known for drag queens, makeup fiends, and anyone searching for a Halloween costume as a go-to location. But Ricky’s places over the past couple of years have been closing left and right — and Kenig believes that there may quickly be no left. Post by post:

“I heard they’re going to be down to two stores — if not zero — soon,” tells 56-year-old founder Ricky Kenig, who sold the company’s controlling interest in 2012.

It’s a shame to see this piece of New York history die out, but history alone may not be enough to maintain Ricky afloat: other large hair and make-up dealers like Sephora have upped their skincare game, and online shops like Amazon and DermStore have eaten in no tiny manner on the beauty brick-and-mortar market. Brother Todd of Ricky informed the Post:

“We attempted to remain ahead of the curve and give stuff that no one else had when I was there, but the individuals in charge are not changing the brand.”

Get in and get your hair dye and fake eyelashes while you can still.

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